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With the rise of real estate development in all metros, along with tier 2 cities in the country, the sector has seen a major boom, which has in turn given impetus to the requirement of comprehensive project management consultancy services in India.

Alpha Corp Management Services has highly experienced project management consultants in India onboard to provide comprehensive project management and consulting services, right from the inception to the completion of the project and in sustaining it as well.

Our project management consultancy in construction offers an exhaustive list of complete solutions for real estate development on behalf of our clients. The scope of services offered by our project management consultants in Delhi NCR include:


Behind the head start


Our construction project management consultancy assists developers, right from the inception of idea for real estate development.

Behind the satisfaction of a job being done well

If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well. To give you a competitive edge over others, our services go much beyond timely delivery, cost optimization and specifications.


The scope of services offered during the execution of the construction includes


Behind the smooth transition of ownership


The solutions of Alpha Corp Management Services do not end with the completion of the project. We also cover
With our unique and in-depth understanding of local cultures, regulations and business drivers, our project management consultancy services help you complete the project in the best way.
Bespoke services that set the bar higher every time

Behind the façade of successful developments,
it's us, working on your dreams

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